Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday 10th Austria to Germany

Today we left our plush hotel in Austria and travelled through to Germany. Stopping on the way to have a lovely picnic by the river inn. We have been out to dinner and our now sat in our hotel in Bad Tolz Germany planning our route for tomorrow. Michael is trying to find a route through the mountains form some reason...more fun apparently. (as if we haven't taken Alfie up enough mountain routes already!). Scenery will be good though. We are hoping to stop in Switzerland near lake Constance tomorrow, about a 5 hour drive. The hotel is ok but not as good as last night we were spoilt! Let's hope the hotel we have just booked for tomorrow is better. Mum I am only typing this for you now as I know you are the only one reading this. Lots of photos to upload but can't do it at the moment as Michael is using the computer....

Sunday 9th Czech Republic to Austria

We left Prague Sunday morning and took a nice relaxed drive to Austria. We stopped for a
Lovely lunch in a village called Frymbork on lake Lipmo . We then carried on to Linz where we found a lovely hotel in the centre of town.  Absolute luxury and a reasonable price too. We had a lovely dinner in the centre of town in an outdoor restaurant watching the world go by. An early night was needed as last weeks driving and shenanigans has taken its toll.

The second week...

Well after a very late night Friday we decided to chill in Prague Saturday night too. We needed a bit of a rest and thought that Alfie deserved a bit of a breather too so we paid for secure hotel parking rather than leaving him on the road. We opted for a quiet night in, meal in the hotel restaurant and a few drinks with Emily and Darren. The other 2 members of the 'B team' (beer drinkers) flew home saturday morning after selling 'the sausage car ' to one of the other teams to drive home.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Day 7 - Prague, Czech Republic

Well we made it to the Czech Republic after another long day and a further 345 miles. A great team meal and then we hit the town.  We started off in an Irish Bar then ended up on yet another session with the usual culprits at another sort of bar in Prague !!! A great night was had by all, going to bed at around 4am after a quick gamble in the hotels casino.  We have had an absolutely brilliant 7 days.  Big thanks for the Motoscape organisers for such a fantastic job.  Also HUGE thanks to Colin, Jaber. (Team Sausage in Cider) and Darren and Emily ( Team Toots and Co). You guys have made this trip extra special, such a laugh.

In total we have managed to do 12 countries in 7 days, rather than the 10 we planned. We travelled 1869 miles in total. Now time to relax before the long drive home.

Photos to follow once we have had a decent nights sleep and I get my act together to upload them from the camera

Day 7 Hungry to Czech Republic

Friday Day 7 . Today we travelled from Hungry to Czech Rebublic. We have gathered ourselves a bit of a convoy today.  Darren and Emily have been travelling with us for the last couple of days. They are driving a D reg BMW 318 with astro turf stuck to the roof and boot. A couple of lads driving a VW Scorroco painted with a stripped effect. (looks proper pimp) and a Volvo Estate. This was originally red but has been painted, with a roller, gloss yellow then  sign written.  This is being driven by the 3musthaveabeer's.  By accident we travelled through Slovakia, Typically as we are leading the convoy it was us that the police decided to pull over, obviously not due to the fact that we may have been speeding.! €100 euro fine, which could have been €300 but he reckons he let us off as we are tourists. We also hadn't bought a Vignette as we didn't realise we were going to be going through Slovakia, he let us off this but told us to buy one at the next available place. We bought one only to be out of Slovakia and into Czech within a couple of miles. The high light of the journey was stopping off in the services for a McChicken Sandwich. 

Day 6 Venice to Hungary

Thursday we travelled from Venice via Slovenia to Sopron in Hungary.  366 miles today about 7 hours driving. We travelled through the Triglav National Park taking in the Virsic Pass. This is the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, with a series of 48 hairpin bends. Alfie made it up here with no problems, got slightly hot but he did have alot of climbing to do.The views were amazing, massive cliffs and waterfalls. It was also full of Harley Davidson  motorbikes.  Never seen so many! We must have seen at least a 1000.  Bit scary going up as the Harley's came down the hairpins on the wrong side of the road.  Nearly run over a couple of mountain goats who  were wondering aimlessly around in the middle of the road. We had a lovely lunch at the top, beautiful views only slightly ruined by the constant noise of the Harley's driving by.  All the Motoscaper's had a buffet dinner at the hotel and obviously a few beers. We ordered a bottle of wine, never seen a bottle so big! Another early start tomorrow as off to Czech Rebublic. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Day 5 - Italy

Wednesday we travelled from Lake Iseo in Italy through to Venice. The drive wasn't very exciting today as it was mainly motorways and we were keen to get to Venice. 323 miles in total. Lovely hotel, few beers on arrival then we caught the train into Venice. We had lunch along the grand canal next to the Rialto  bridge. (81 euros for 6 beers!) We then moved on and found another bar more beer and more food. We then took a stroll through the back streets to yet another bar where the boys did some blimping at the Italian ladies. Late night, train back to the hotel which was a bit touch and go as we didn't have a clue which stop was ours,  which after a few beers was quite funny. Thanks to a very kind local couple we got off at the right stop, found a pizza bar and had more food and beer. I had a lovely pizza covered in chips...
Difficult finding a decent Wifi, will update the rest of our journey later.